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For Players


The Special Training Plans are your ultimate guide on how to improve core skills. For the Players, this new plan focuses on use of the backhand side of the blade and moving the puck from your forehand to backhand and backhand to forehand to shoot, pass, and attack the triangle. For the Goalies, it's all about glove mechanics and working on having quiet hands and efficient mechanics!

Playing with and against the likes of Mario Lemieux, Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby and Erik Karlsson, it was clear players at the highest levels all possessed great skill and unbelievable use of both side of their blade. You too can be silky smooth on your backhand but it takes lots of practice. I have prepared a special Stick Skills Training Program for Forwards and Defenseman that focuses on using the backhand side of your blade.

– Created by the Dir of Development and 9 year NHL veteran, Andrew Alberts


Your experience just became way more immersive. Welcome the Pros to your home in the new scoring and tipping drills with current NHLers! Also, check out the new 3v3 small area game where you compete on offense and defense in the same drill. Lastly, we added a new quick reaction passing drill to improve your reactionary skills. Find some of the best PHF players in the app and compare their shots with NHL players.


No hockey stick needed. Play only with controllers. The controller stick is a great option for playing in a very small space. Thanks to this innovation, the player can play almost anywhere (in the living room, in the corridor of the stadium or even in the children's room). Check how it works and test it.

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What is the new Advanced Drills tab? This is a collection of drills providing a different type of conflict and/or unique features to train your read and react skills to better improve your decision making process.

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