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Experience a fun way to improve your hockey skills at home with the generation of hockey training in VR.

Access to 100+ Drills & In-Game Scenarios

Get unlimited access to drills and in-game simulations tailored for both players and goalies. Designed to improve on-ice abilities.

Training Plans From Top Coaches & Players

Improve situational awareness and response times with immersive in-game simulations curated from top professional players and coaches. Approved by USA Hockey, experience next level coaching at home that’s fun and immersive.

Get Instant Feedback on Performance

Measure how well you do on each drill with summary reports that show where you did well and areas for improvement. And see how you compare to others with online leaderboards so you can work on climbing your way to the top!

Play With Friends & Compete Online

Connect with your friends and compete across any of our drills to see who is the best. Compete and collect trophies to show off your wins for all the bragging rights in your virtual locker room. Sharpening your skills at home is more fun with friends!

The Official VR Training Tool and Partner of USA Hockey

how it works

Getting set-up with NHL Sense Arena is simple, easy, and fun.

1. Step

Select Plan & Equipment

Choose your membership plan, VR headset (If needed), and controller mounts based on your hockey position.

2. Step

Find a Safe Space to Play

All you need is a 12x12 ft space that has a level surface to play safely when using a hockey stick. Smaller spaces are fine for goalies.

3. Step

Put On Headset & Controllers

Attach mounts onto your equipment and access NHL Sense Arena in your VR headset.

4. Step

Choose Any Mode & Play

Select the NHL team you want to play as and choose any drills or competitive modes to play. Enjoy unlimited access!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Here’s what we get asked the most.

Is NHL Sense Arena compatible with Meta Quest 3?

Yes, you can play NHL Sense Arena on the Meta Quest 3, 2, and Pro models. If you need a headset we offer those during our checkout after you select the plan you’d like to go with.

Who is NHL Sense Arena for?

We recommend 10 years of age as the minimum. We’ve made this for aspiring hockey players and goalies who want to get better, have fun, and get an on-ice experience at home. With difficulty modes tailored for any skill level this is the most fun way to practice anytime, anywhere.

Why train with NHL Sense Arena?

We’ve created a training tool that gives players a mental edge by creating an unparalleled immersive VR experience that brings the on-ice experience home. Our drills focus on developing the brain, which is an important muscle to grow when aspiring to become a better hockey player. Learn better decision making skills, react and react abilities, and how to track the puck like a pro. When on-ice time is limited, NHL Sense Arena is a great alternative to give players more experience in a safe environment.

Why is there a subscription?

We are continuously adding new features, drills, interactive videos, training plans, and more with top players, coaches, and USA Hockey to give you an improved experience. For a fraction of the cost of training camps, extra travel, personal coaching, and other services we are creating a fun, affordable solution that continuously has new things to do and works into any hockey player’s schedule.

Do I need WIFI to run NHL Sense Arena?

Yes, you need WiFi to initially log in to NHL Sense Arena and to run your training drills smoothly. You don't need WiFi during the training, unless you download new drills.

Can I train without a stick or pads?

Yes, you can easily use NHL Sense Arena without your hockey stick or goalie pads by just using the controllers of your VR headset. While we recommend using the mounts we provide to attach the controllers to your hockey equipment for a more immersive experience, it is not required to use.

How often should NHL Sense Arena be used?

We recommend using NHL Sense Arena as a pre-game or practice warm up to stimulate the brain or as a regular off-ice training tool. Sessions can be as quick as 20-30 minutes that provide high intensity with low impact on the body. Most users practice 2-3 times per week in NHL Sense Arena.